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  • Steve McNally

Welcome to USATKD Insider!

USATKD Insider is our brand new blog, keeping you informed on topics as broad as USATKD operational matters, Team USA news, international Taekwondo news and opinion, event information and discussion, athlete development essays and tips, membership news and much, much more!

USATKD staff will be the main contributors, along with guest authors with important information on athlete health and wellbeing, Referee development, USATKD University news and updates, nutrition advice, sports psychology and just about any topic that might be of interest to a taekwondo athlete, parent, coach or volunteer.

It will be a different style to our official website, able to dive into important topics in much greater depth and broader scope. It will also give a voice to important people within the community, whether they be subject matter experts, parents or anyone else with anything important/helpful to say - if you would like your article to be considered, or you would be interested in being a regular contributor please send an email to to be considered.

USATKD Insider is just part of our commitment to communicate more and better with the Taekwondo community - it's important that we not just develop the best athletes in the world today, but also win the hearts and minds of the broader community, because USATKD is the best and safest place to develop and thrive as either an athlete or coach.

Every competition is meaningful, every training opportunity world class.

We guarantee it will be the most thrilling, rewarding and safest way to advance your Taekwondo career.

So join us. Join U.S. One Nation, one team.

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